Journey to our past.
Our work, proudly showcased.

We believe our best work is yet to come, but sometimes we like to boast a little bit about the past. From project analysis documents to pseudocode algorithms, here are some of the most exciting projects we’ve done so far. To see more work, request an exhaustive list of our complete portfolio via email, or better yet, come visit our Official Blog on Medium.

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One Mattress to Rule them All.

Requirements: For project Gotiger, we had the task of ideating, designing, and developing an entirely new high end mattress curating service for Web, iOS and Android, where the main hurdle was that we had to envision what the end product would be like before the manufacturing facilities were even built. This was what we ended up with.

Tech: Reactjs, React Native, Node.js, Redis, Wordpress Rest APIs, etc
Duration: 5 months
Leads: Hemprasad Badgujar (Tech), Vishal Katral (Design)
Team: Ashish Tiwari, Nitin Kumar, Akash Mittal, Ashu Pal, Raj Yadav, Sandeep Yadav, Harswardhan Kumar

Crawling up the Ladder.

Requirements: For project Ladder, we worked with a promising startup that aggregates publicly available data about social media influencers, creates a predictive model from said data, and provides it to potential advertisers. Our task was to develop a series of algorithms in Node and Python that would achieve this process in pseudo realtime.

Tech: Node, Python (Beautiful Soup, Scrapy)
Duration: 3 months
Leads: Hemprasad Badgujar
Team: Sumit Patel, Pratul Singh

Efficient internal notifications

Requirements: For this project we built an internal push notification system using AWS serverless lambdas that HumaxIT uses heavily to notify employees for real time events. Our challenges included building a system with minimum latency and maximum efficiency.

Tech: AWS Services, React Native, FCM, APNS
Duration: 2 Weeks
Leads: Anand Rai
Team: Raj Yadav, Ashish Tiwari, Nitin Kumar